Your Partner for Customized Exhibition Stands.

High Level Innovative Exhibition Stands and Event Services


UNICEPT Ltd. is a Poland-based company founded in 2011. The company supplies a complete stand solution for clients at international exhibitions.

Our Mission is to provide best customized stands using our experience in trade exhibitions. The company's strategy is based on reliable, loyal and honest relationships with all the clients we cooperate with.

Nasza firma Unicept sp. zo.o. jest beneficjentem subwencji finansowej, udzielonej przez PFR.


We offer the most appropriate solutions to introduce your products and company by providing innovative ideas and original designs tailored to individual customer needs.


An exhibition stand serves as your “business card”. With an attractive stand, your company will remain memorized even after the exhibition is long over.


With a specialized team of discipline and expertise we establish the stand on allocated space of your company at the exhibition. Our success has been built on a solid foundation of experience and build quality.